Uniform and clothing destruction

Uniform, clothing and product destruction services in Australia




Prevent identity theft

Identity theft is a growing problem with 1.2 million Australians – 6.7% of the population – affected annually. Protecting your customers’ and employee’s information is your legal and moral responsibility, and we give you an easy way to do that.

We provide our clients with lockable Doc Shop waste collection bins for in-office disposal - this provides you with the secure knowledge that your client’s information is continually being protected. Our bins come in the following sizes - 120L, 240L or 660L.

How the bins work

Full bins are removed and a replacement bin is provided on a schedule that meets your needs. Our logistics specialists are fully trained in manual handling techniques and State and National privacy laws.

Your materials will be loaded into dedicated Doc Shop document transportation vehicles and delivered directly to our destruction facility.

Items available for collection:

The DocShop will destroy almost any clothing or product item that you need to get rid of, including uniform items such as shirts, jumpers, t-shirts, shoes, bags and safety helmets. We will also destroy any branded, out-of-date, recalled or damaged merchandise, as well as any unwanted toys.

We safely recycle anything you have

Whatever you need destroyed, The DocShop can handle it. Give us a call today to discuss your project and receive a free price quote from our professional and qualified staff members. We look forward to chatting with you.
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