Cardboard and paper recycling

Cardboard and paper recycling available in Australia




What can be recycled?

While paper and cardboard are biodegradable, it is always a good idea to see if it can be recycled before you toss it in the bin. As long as they aren’t wet or tainted with grease or foods, it is recyclable. During the recycling process, paper is mixed with water to create a slurry, and as grease, oils and water don’t mix … you see the problem.

While shredded paper is still recyclable, it lowers the grade of the paper and it may be harder to find someone who will recycle it. So if you plan on recycling and do not necessarily have to shred your documents, it may be best to not.
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What we do

The DocShop can tailor a paper and/or cardboard recycling program tailored for your personal or business needs. We provide containers for you to use onsite to collect the paper and cardboard, and then make scheduled rounds to pick up the full containers and replace them with empty ones, ready to be refilled.

We not only recycle loose paper, but also old library and textbooks, outdated prints and damaged books, all of which take up unnecessary amounts of space.

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It’s easy to find out how to start recycling, just call The DocShop for further information. We will help you get started.
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